Milestone sessions are great to capture your child's personality at every age. Let them wear the outfits they love, bring their favorite toys, play their favorite game. This is your child's time to shine! These sessions are low pressure and aimed at letting your child laugh and play and be silly so I can capture authentic smiles!

What to Expect

Expect to have fun! Sessions are not "look and smile at the camera!" They're walking, laughing, dancing, and letting your child's personality shine! I will document your kiddo while honoring my photography style. This is why I send you a questionnaire, to get to know your child before your session even begins. This will help me know how to best document your particular kiddo(s) best. Prepare to laugh, play, and not look at the camera much! We of course will get one or two "school photos" but the real magic happens in the in-between moments. I still give direction to help the session run smoothly so no one is left wondering "What am I supposed to do?"

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